Community Awards


Community Awards

Imagine: Every community has an ambition, the ability, the confidence to make a dramatically positive difference to the lives of their neighbours, relatives and friends.  Imagine engaging community projects across the country in our Community Awards initiative to help see the difference, to feel the change, to celebrate the great achievements of individuals within their local communities.


Following on from the success of the Best Magazine Community Awards in 2011, we propose for 2012 the Best and YOUR BRAND Community Awards, supporting health and wellbeing in the local community.  This will be a nationwide campaign executed through Best magazine and supported by Hearts digital portfolio and a local radio campaign positioned across the First Radio portfolio to engender excitement, demonstrate results and deliver a credible and worthwhile campaign for 2012.


Through a series of emotionally led stories, consumers are drawn to participate and enter the campaign.  With Dr Pixie as our celebrity brand champion, we will deliver strong advertorial health and family value messages for YOUR BRAND supported and endorsed by Doctor Pixie. This will add further credibility to the campaign and will assist in interweaving the health message through all communication, so that the synergies between the awards and health are seamless.




Campaign Snapshot

Through a mixture of press, online, radio and event, we will bring The Best and YOUR BRAND Community Awards to life.  The idea is to once again create a true campaign, with community project recruitment, motivation and energy. This will be a campaign that draws consumers to their community, the awards and to YOUR BRAND and compels the nation to get involved at all levels. It’s vital that we sustain momentum and deliver truly exciting moments across all platforms that raise awareness of great community projects across the country and delivers on YOUR BRAND core objectives.